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At the 2014 WCA November meeting I was elected 2015 Women's Caucus for Art Peninsula Chapter President. I have been a member of the WCA organization since 2007 and have worn many hats over the years. Volunteer, Curator, Secretary, V.P. of the Silicon Valley Chapter so this just seemed to be the next right step to make.

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Part of my mission for the year was to add more involvement by members in the meetings. I introduced "Artist Presentations", for a few years I have noticed we have many successful members that I knew very little about there early years in creating art. These have been a wonderful addition, the women's art history and learning the creative process they have used over the years has been so insightful for the members. So far Ellen Lee, Alysanne McGaffey and Pat Keefe have been our presenters. Wow, it is like being back in college again but this time I know the artist.

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Next step, we now are introducing member mini workshops these will take place in members homes or studio.  These workshops will entail a day of learning, sharing art information and fellowship with most likely a pot lunch to follow.

The month of October we will be meeting at artist/member Anna Kusber's estate in Woodside. Anna will give a tour of the grounds along with a retrospective of her life in art!  Following our meeting Anna will gather members together for an artist salon.  Members will be photographing the grounds, painting and sketching.  Light refreshments will be served. To attend just contact me at 1-408-298-7898.

More to come.........

Bonnie J. Smith
2015 Chapter President

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