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Bonnie's fiber art work has been featured in many national and international juried exhibitions and publications. She was a recipient of the NICHE Award in 2009 and was a recipietent again in 2015 with her fiber artwork "Contemplate", besides being juried into Quilt National and 9th Quilt Nihon. She is in love with texture and creating fiber art that flows allowing the eye to appreciate her use of color and design.  Bruce Hoffman, formerly Director of the Snyderman Works Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. describes her work "Simple, powerful, successful: Design and craftsmanship working together."  All words every artist is waiting to hear.

Check out her latest interview about living the artistic life in San Jose, Ca. 

The art work Bonnie is working on currently is a continuation of her Family series. Bonnie's new series titled "My Life", is about working from family photos. She prefaces the conundrum question of "do we know our family, do they know us? More information and pictures to follow soon.  You can view Bonnie's current family series under the title "Family in the far right column.

Her "Swimming Upstream" series was created from the experience she had from a work related injury that left her using a wheel chair for a while.  Finally, able to exercise again she started swimming and after a period of time she was able to quit using the wheelchair and depend solely on herself. 
One day as she was leaving the swimming pool she realized that she has been swimming upstream most of her life.  After completing the first artwork it became apparent to her that most people are trying to swim upstream in their life.  Whether it be their personal or professional life, we all want the same thing "to succeed at what we started". Bonnie's new book "Swimming Upstream a Memoir" is now for sale and can be ordered on the web site.
The series and Bonnie were Honored on June 19, 2013 by Voters Injured at Work, San Jose, California 
Recently Bonnie was interviewed by Lesley Riley @ Art & Soul Radio and spoke a lot about the swimming artworks and where the idea originated from.
Please contact Bonnie if you are interested in purchasing one of her artworks. Information and prices are on the web page "Swimming Upstream". She also schedules gallery talks about the series, if you are interested contact her at,
All works are approximately 65h x 35w, you may also commission any size that would fit your needs! You may contact Bonnie through the contact page on this web site or at
#5 in the swimming series shows me tethered to the side of the pool, sometimes traveling through life it feels good to just hold on to something, feeling grounded.
Traveling thru life I sometimes need to be tethered to something. Fiber Art, Textiles, Art, Swimming