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"We Are All Rosie's", 40h x 30w - 800.00

Researching a new art work I came upon many pictures of women of color working in the factories during WWII. My question was "why have I not seen more of these pictures". This artwork was exhibited as part of a video program at the U. N. in early 2014, was also exhibited at the Women's Health and Resource Center, San Francisco. Currently, it is at Neutra Gallery, L.A. Review @

"Garys Words"

A close friend of mine died from AIDS in the early nineties just before new drugs came to the market that would have either prolonged or put his Aids in remission. This artowrk is a tribute to a poem he wrote as he was "dying but not yet ready to move on" and those are his words.

"The 405"

This artwork was created to bring to peoples attention that at one time on the 405 the Caution signs were used to warn cars passing through specific areas to watch for iillegal immigrants instead immigrants saw it as a sign to cross safely. Many innocent people were killed crossing at these locations. The signs are no longer in use and have become obsolete.

Bandanna Project, Rape In The Fields 24 x 18, 325.00

The "Bandana Project", was selected to be exhibited at the WCA conference, "Honoring Women's Rights", Salinas Art Center, Salinas, Ca. Jurors for the exhibit were Dr. Joyce Aiken, Dr. Ruth Weisburg and Patricia Rodriguez.. The artwork is about bringing awareness of immigrant women being raped in the fields while they work. Most of the women not citizens of the U. S. have no where to turn for help. The thought that women are being abused like this in our country is beyond belief for most Americans. Artwork was shown as part of a video program at the U. N. in 2014

"Oh, The Fifties"24 x 21, 400.00

This piece was created for a challenge and was exhibited at the Coastal Arts League in Half Moon Bay, Ca. The fabric was delightful and vintage from the 1950's. I started researching and came upon these ads. I was amazed how advertisers of that era somehow decided that a woman would want a new appliance as gift for Christmas! Hence my title "Oh!, The Fifties".

"What to say about Racism!", 1,400.00

This art work contains a orginal poem I wrote after seeing a musuem exhibit on "racism", I realized they had missed the mark with the exhibit. This artwork is myself talking to our nation on what and how we should be acting about racial issues in our country at this point in time. The artwork has been exhibited locally and previously in Chicago, IL. Please contact me about showing this artwork in you area. Currently traveling France with my "Suffragettes" artwork.

"Momentum", 30h x 40w - 1,400.00

This artwork depicts those women that came before me. I give thanks to them for the sacrifices they made for the cause. This artwork was shown as part of a video program at the U. N. in 2014. Currently it is traveling France along with several of my social justice works. Artworks in France are being curated by Ségolène Diamant-Berger. Contact me to have the work exhibited in your area or gallery.

NEW! "Suffragettes, green, 1,400.00

In this fiber artwork I explore deeper into the International side of The First Wave of Feminism. We were never alone in the fight for equality!

Momentum, detail 10h x 7w

This is a detail of my internationally traveled textile artwork "Momentum". I can personalize this for you when you send me a jpg. of yourself. The words on the artwork are a poem I wrote about the women's movement and descriptions of the other suffragettes along with your name also being hand written on the artwork,The textile will have a small sleeve on the back for hanging or you may place the work in a frame of your own. Shipping free within the United States. Contact me at for questions.

Price: $125.00

Frida Kahlo, 4 x 6

I created this 4 x 6 textile art work for International WCA's Women Do It exhibit that will debut at the UN this fall. I am able to recreate this work in different sizes please let me know if you would like to commission one.

NEW!, "Words", green, 28h x 33w - 400.00

This fiber artwork captures the essence of the first wave of feminism I depicted in "Suffragettes, green," listed above. Hand written words by myself.

"Beauty Shop" 31h x 26w - Private Collection

It all happens at the neighborhood Beauty Shop as we ladies know!

"Mud Flap Lady" 52 x 52, 900.00

Are we always to be judged and sorted out in this world by our looks and sexuality? Formerly exhibited at Martin Luther King Library, San Jose, Ca.

 "Suffragettes, white" 26 x 36, 400.00

Fourth in my Suffragettes series highlighting International Suffragettes. Contact me at to purchase.

Detail, "Suffragettes, white"

"NEW" Words, 28h x 36w

Continuation of my Words series covering the topic of Women's Social Justice.

detail of "Words"

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