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Water Bubbles #1, This is the first piece of a Land Art installation I created while in the COVID 19 lockdown. I had dipped the fabrics into the Indigo Bath over a year ago using the shibori arashi method. Once the quarantine began and with all of the political uproar I needed something to focus on.

The idea came to me after watching small children play in puddles of water left after high tide on our beach. The children have such fun in the little warm puddles. This is my interpretation of those puddles.

Detail of Water Bubbles. The work was juried into Studio Art Quilt Associates virtual exhibit "Land Art: From the Forest to Your Balcony" in November.

Another one of my "Water Bubbles" images that is available and printed on metal. Contact me for prices on any of the "Water Bubble" images printed on metal. They are gorgeous!

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