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Pescadero, 59h x 43w

Pecadero is my favorite little California Beach town. Small, personal and a big bucket of Americana! Price upon request.

New! View From Above, brown

49h x 39w

The dramatic beach on the Pacific Coast is one my family loves to visit. The inspiration I draw from for this textile is the drought Northern California has suffered.

 This textile will tour the United States and abroad through 2024 with Studio Art Quilt Associates. The exhibition is titled Primal Forces. The textile will be for sale  through

"Blue Flow" 40h x 30w

Shipped using either USPS or Fedex with acid free tissue paper with delivery confirmation, Cost is for delivery within the U.S. Prices for outside the United States based upon international rates.


"California Dreamin" 51h x 50w

This fiber artwork is actually three seprate artworks mounted on black fabric. They depict what I enjoy the most about California, design and the Pacific Ocean.

"California Dreamin"

I ship using Fedex or USPS. ship using acid free tissue paper with deliver confirmation

Price: $2,200.00

"View From Above", SOLD

This fiber artwork is just as its title says it it a few of terrain from above. I love taking pictures of rocks and crevices, enlarging the images and adding color.

"Images, minature" 8h x 8w

Artwork made using hand felting, hand dyed fabrics and is matted with a dark gray mat having a white inlay. Contact me at for price.

4-Friends 36h x 36w

This artwork inspired by the terrain of my local area in California. Also part of the award winning series "Images". Currently on display at Peninsula Museum of Art.

Contact meat for price.

"Images Deconstructed"

This artwork is a deconstruction of the award winning artwork "Images" reversing twhat I viewed in "Images" and using surface design.

"Images Deconstructed" 41h x 40w

Original design, cotton fabrics, surface design. Shipped ready to hang in acid free tissue paper.

Price: $2,200.00 Coontact me at

"Images" 54 x 54, SOLD

9th Quilt Nihon, Honorable Mention, Houston IQA Show entry.

Terrain, we see so much beautiful terrain in the Bay Area of California and so many of my artworks are infuluenced by what I see.

Price: $5,600.00

"In Full Bloom"

I was inspired after receiving a beautiful bouguet of roses. Dupioni silk, cotton sateen, cotton fabrics. Ready to hang.

"In Fulll Bloom" 48h x 63w

Shipped in acid free tissue and rady to hang. I ship either using Fedex or USPS. Delivery Confirmation included.

Price: $2,800.00

"Pacific Waves"

Created after a family day at the Pacific Ocean. Dupioni silk, cotton, original deisgn and ready to hang.

"Pacific Waves" 36h x 32w

Artwork shipped in acid free tissue paper and ready to hang.

Price: $1,500.00

NEW! Beach Glass 45h x 39w

Beach glass those little gems that are created from man's beach trash! This was a wonderful and fun fiber artwork to create. Price upon request.

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